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Custom Piezoelectric Components

At TRS Technologies, we offer a wide range of piezoelectric materials that we manufacture to many shapes and sizes with precision tolerances. 

We offer the following piezoelectric and dielectric materials that can be customized to your component:
  • Single crystal PMN-PT piezoelectrics
  • High sensitivity soft PZT piezoelectrics
  • High powder hard PZT piezoelectrics
  • High temperature piezoelectrics
  • Electrostrictive ceramics

While we do have common shapes, sizes, and tolerances for our fine grained ceramics and single crystal ceramics , we are have experience in manufacturing other shapes such as wedges, hemispheres, and other customer requested shapes. You can find our standard crystal shapes and tolerances here. Our standard ceramic shapes and tolerances are here. We often manufacture ceramics beyond the shapes and tolerances listed. Please contact us for more information about our full capabilities. 

If you are unsure about the correct material, shape, size or tolerances for your application, please contact us and we will help guide you to your best choice. 

Regardless of the piezoelectric element you choose, we promise to provide you with high quality ceramics made according to your specifications.